MOTD of Allnetwork Indonesia

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*** Welcome to AllNetwork - Indonesian IRC Network ***

* We reserve the right to deny access to this server
without warning and/or explanation.

* We preappologize for annoying /msgs, /ctcp requests, or incorrect
/Kill from our IRC Operators. They are often times unavoidable in order
to keep the server rules enforced.

* Breaking one or more of the following network policies will get you
/Kill'ed and/or /KLine'd

1) No automated Advertising, Invites, Spam.
2) Clones of any type are not allowed.
3) Open proxy/socks/wingate client will be banned.
4) NO Flooding, Nuking or ANY type of DDoS (Distributed Denial Of Service).
5) Do not harrass other users on this network.

*) If you need help go to #help but please DO NOT ask any unnecessary questions.

* Please visit / for any further information.

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