Download Eggdrop Latest Version Eggdrop1.6.19

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Download the Eggdrop source below to compile and set up on your shell. Full documentation is included. For the latest Windows ports of Eggdrop (also known as Windrops) visit Windrop Central.

Eggdrop 1.6.19

Gzipped, 1009 KB: ftp (USA) | http
Bzipped, 792 KB: ftp (USA) | http

The latest release in the 1.6 series of Eggdrop. Read the updates file for a list of updates in this version. Dated 18 April 2008.

Note that due to an oversight before release, this version will incorrectly identify itself as 1.6.18 in the .vbottree console command and numversion Tcl command.

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